Media 000 MEDIA øøø

A young woman maintained in suspended life is trapped in the cyberspace.
First award of the Festival of Charleroi in 1984
Special price of the festival of Montbeliard.
MEDIA øøø is by its form and its contents, an oneiric microcosm describing the ultimate apogee of a world mediatized to the extreme.

The 12 minutes program which is generally diffused, is in fact, the main videotape of an installation made up of two screens vidéos, diffusing two distinct tapes, synchronized with two sets of slide projectors, and organized around a cybernetic sculpture representing a lengthened young woman connected to the screens.

The witness penetrate an obscure black lighted room, symbolizing a scientific research laboratory.


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"3D REAL TIME Rebuild of the installation

MEDIA ØØØ Real time 3D rebuild
Media000-Installation3D temps reel