Autoportrait Yann Minh nooscaphe

Award of the french open competition of drawing (Concours General de dessins)

Bachelor in art history

Diploma of the "école nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs"

First Award of the 2002Digital Art Awards Laurence Gartel

Special Award "Pixellisme" (Science-Fiction computer graphics)

First Award of the international video festival of Charleroi

Award of the international video festival of JVC

Award of the international video festival of Montbeliard

Award of the Fujicolor festival in Japan

Award of the Australian video festival

Laureat Pierre Schaeffer 2009
for création & digital experimentation

LDBHEXAPODE LDBSousMarin ProjecteurLumiere Media000Sculpt
Any kind of video program

Computer Graphics :
Photoshop. Illustrator. After-Effects.

Cinema 4D UNITY 3D , Bryce, Poser.

Final Cut Pro.

Write me :


Born in 1957, from a Vietnamese father and a Breton mother, I passed my childhood in Lorient, a harbour city of southern Brittany, strongly impregnated by legends, and marked by the musical revival of Celtic epopee.

I lived in the misty moors of the mysterious and fantastics Morbihan's landscapes, haunted by the Armorican myths of the Ankou, the Goblins, or Myrddin.

After an Artistic bachelorship, I made my studies in Paris, in the "Ecole nationale superieure des arts appliqués", (ENSAAMA), then in the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, (ENSAD), in the video section.

Multi-media artist, my field of activity covers at the same time sculptures, paintings, writings, videocomputer graphics.

Since 1984 I earn my living as TV Director for most of the French TV Channels, which enables me to finance my artistic activities in particular in the expensive field of video art.

In 1997 Florent-Massotpublished my first science-fiction book Thanatos, les Récifs (only in french for the moment)

Now I build Computer 3D graphics.


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------------------------- French multimedia and transmedia artist born in 1957 Yann Minh describe himself as a "Noonaute" a noosphere explorer.
He brought many art works from his "noopérégrinations", including an immersive multimedia installation "Media ØØØ" (1983) which discribe a virtual world and was showed in Paris, at the Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou .
His 30 years of NooExplorations, art works, video art and computer graphic movies are centered around cyberculture, cyberspace, Science-Fiction, persistent worlds, eroticism and BDSM.
As well as multimedia museographies, tv documentaries, websites, real time or precomputed interactive 3D for Websites.
Yann Minh has also written a cyberpunk science-fiction novel Thanatos, Les Récifs. published in 1997 by Florent-Massot, describing a cyberspace.
In recent years Yann Minh is very invested in the persistence worlds and the FPS where he is transferring his NooMuseum, an hypermedia net of art galeries.