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Yann Minh is one of the incarnated nootransport of the informational metaorganism which is surfing on the matter since millards of years in order to ensure its cosmic survival : The NooMatrix

By metaphysical speculative deduction The NooMatrix was incarnated for the first time in the matter by generating proto-NooTransports less than 4 billion years ago.
However, if the human exogenetics speculations proved to be relevant, the first nooincarnations could have taken place elsewhere in the universe much more earlier...

The NooTransport currently referred under the name of Yann Minh by the human system of noomenclature, corresponds formally to a complex and ephemeral cellular conglomerate, evolving/moving on the macrocosm scale. It belongs to a group of nootransports morphologically similars, organized in collective intelligence and whose noomatricial elements define themselves as the “human beings”.

At this moment, (2006 of the prebiolithic era) after several successive noospherics mutations, the NpoTransport Yann Minh ca be defined as a : Cyberpunk NooStoryTeller . (to remain in the codes of actual NooMenclature)

According to the informational context he can also be referred by its congeneric fellows in the categories of: NooNaute, artist, writer, TV-director, 2D and 3D computer graphics designer, photographer, illustrator, painter, artist and multi-media director, documentarist, noochroniquor, author, bisexual fetishist, prospectivist, nooilluminated, noo-parano, nooguru…


Child of the television, the comic strips and the science fiction, not hesitating to claim itself inspired by Nam June Paik, Giger, Druillet, Moebius, Philip K.Dick, or Marshall Mc Luhan, Yann Minh belong to the firsts frenchs artists who builds immersive multimedia installations.

Rewarded in several international video-art festivals, his most famous work is MÉDIA øøø

Visionary metaphor of our dependence on the medias, Média øøø illustrates the history of a young woman deadened in a cybernetic fleshfly, controlling the totality of her mental and biological functions.

media 000 ecrans

Presented to the Museum of modern art of the center George Pompidou in Paris in1983, in the vein of the overlapping worlds of Philip K.Dick, and heralding the cyberworlds of William Gibson, the installation immersed the witness in a obscure laboratory bathed by ultraviolet light. The installation was organised around an hyperrealist sculpture, of a young woman, transformed into a biomecanism

media 000 scultpture

Belonging to the first generation of students from the video section of Arts Décos in Paris, Yann Minh will participate to the creation in 1984, of the group of "vidéastes" and musicians: "Les Maîtres du Monde" , which was composed by a great number of realizers now famous in the french cyberculture.

media 000 scultpture

Impassioned by new technologies, Yann Minh carried out complex video installations for scenographers like Bernard Szajner or François Confino. Most impressive was "La Machine Qui Fabrique Tout" of the "EMBALLAGES" Exhibition at the museum of the cité des Sciences et de l'industrie. Monster of 10 tons imagined by the scenographer Gerard Cholot, and composed of 90 screens supplied with 20 synchronized videodisks.

Mur d'ecrans

From 1979 to 1990 he directed several short-films of science fiction, broadcasted on the french TV Channel "Canal+" and in many international exhibitions of video-art.

media 000 scultpture

His films, are characterized by a very sophisticated work of integration of actors in fantastic and futuristic backgrounds, mixing, erotism and science fiction in a gothic symbolism, almost baroque. His last creation, is the film of video art HAIME, inspired by erotic poetries of Verlaine and Baudelaire..

les amants

In the twilight of the second millenium, after having carried out an interactive museography and several documentary devoted to à the history of the robots , Yann Minh comes to add a new cord to his arc, with his first science-fiction novel, mixing with skill, erotism, space-opera, Polar, heroic-fantasy and mythology: Thanatos, Les Récifs. published by Florent-Massot. (Only in French)

media 000 scultpture

Since the beginning of the second millenium, Yann Minh definite himself as a Cyberpunk NooStoryteller, and, through immersives 3D video-conferences , he drive groups of noonautes in secret noospheric zones...