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Carried by the currents of the network, the undertow of the Cyberspace failed you in the olds Web pages of:

YANN MINH, writer of Science-Fiction, Multi-media Artist, (Mixed media), video Artist, TV director. 3D CG artist. On line since 1996.

Welcome, NooNaute.

First I must apologize. Most of this site is in French, I have translated the main pages, using automatic translation. That often gives strange things, but it is better than nothing, and that will help you to see the images.

Acknowledged Iconophile, you form part of those for which, time, this terrible archangel of Thanatos is a friend, then select
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The FORUM of the NOONAUTES, The forum of the Noonautes, all my news, discussions, events, from me, other noonautes, yours... if you wants to show your works and belong to the noonautes network, it's here.

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