Thanatos, the Reefs

Recifs 2008

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Thanatos format PDF

Dragon Cyb

Recifs 2008

Stories, anecdotes, keys, for the cybernauts of the writing, who explored the world of the Reefs and Thanatos, through this first Novel and which want to know more about my sources of inspiration.
Summary and argumentation
Press, critical, articles
History, genesis of the novel and the Reefs.
Robs-Cells, MEMS, Nanotechnology.
Buckminster Fuller, Fulleren, Buckyballs, Nanotechnology.
Metamorphic screens, tattooed nano-implants.
Robots Like a Snake, Monopods, Hexapods.
About the erotic violence in the novel
Swarm design.
Networks of neurons.
Amniotic liquid, respiratory fluid, perfluorocarbon.
Cyberspaces and Futures Probables.
Mythology. Euryale. Gorgone. Meduse.
Aisthêsis, Aesthetes, Aesthesiograms.
The group of VJ' S Techno, V-FORM

Panorama of Armon Karn Site in the Reefs

Musik thanatos Musics Dark Indus for Thanatos, The Reefs 4 musics in MP3 composed by PedroX.

Quake Reefs pages Quake Récifs Multiplayer Level for the game QUAKE 1, inspired by my novel, and created by Pen Of Chaos in 1999 (the dungeon of Naheulbeuk).

Quake Reefs pages SLEEPWAYThe slipway of the port of Lorient (Eros Dock)

Quake Reefs pages Some landscapes from the Reefs. (Paintings)

Quake Reefs pages Some erotics drawnings and computer graphics of the Reefs.

Quake Reefs pages Some others erotics drawnings and computer graphics of the Reefs.

Quake Reefs pages Some Erotic dedications for the novel..

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