"like fugacious reminiscences of a ended history, here are some pages, if you wish to share the symbol. Real souvenirs of faked games, or faked souvenir of real games, recorded in the magnetic evanescence of the network.."

childhood Childhood
First travel with Eros First travel with Eros. The Mill.
the forgotten astroport Sleepway, the forgotten astroport
travel Travel
Second travel with Eros Second travel with Eros
Stock-Shots Stock-SHots
First travel with Thanatos First travel with Thanatos
Graffitis on the net walls Graffitis on the net walls
ashes Ashes, (Poem)
Return to Eros Return to Eros
Travel with Cyane Travel with Cyane
Poem Living in Hi-Technology (Poem)
Last Travel Last Travel. Prophecy
Indo-China War During this time
(Indo-China war, through the childhood of my father.)
Indo-China War Rolling-Restart
(Metaverse, Persistant worlds, cybersex)
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